Конференции на территории России

1. Второй Европейский конгресс по БиоГеронтологии. Август 25-28, 2000, Санкт-Петербург, рабочий язык - английский (см. приглашение)

2. 7-ая Международная конференция и школа "
Современное состояние методов неинвазивной диагностики в медицине" (АНГИОДОП-2000), 14-16 мая, 2000 года, Сочи (тел.095- 1975076)

3.  Третья Международная конференция "Современные технологии восстановительной медицины" (Диагностика, реабилитация и оздоровление -2000), 17-20 мая, 2000 года, Сочи (тел.095-1975076)

Приглашение на 2 конгресс по Биогеронтологии



In the framework of the United Nation Research Agenda on Ageing for the 21st Century

August 25-28, 2000
Saint Petersburg, Russia

Organised by the Gerontological Society of the Russian Academy of Sciences in collaboration with the European Biological Section of the International Association of Gerontology

General Sponsor: OAO "GAZPROM"

Dear Colleagues,

Year 2000 is definitely the right time to look back at the advances and problems of biogerontology and to identify the priorities for further research work in the coming 21st century. On behalf of the Organising Committee we take great pleasure in welcoming you to participate in the 2nd European Congress on Biogerontology.

The 1st European Congress on Biogerontology conducted in 1998 in Helsingor (Elsinore), Denmark continued the tradition of the European biological section symposia and sessions, which had been held at joint European Congresses on Gerontology up to 1993. The Helsingor Congress revealed significant advances of biomedical gerontology in Europe, thus, confirming the necessity of special congresses on biology of ageing, alongside with comprehensive European congresses. The wide scope of subjects will enable focusing on essential questions and latest scientific breakthroughs, which is often a problem at multidisciplinary congresses. We hope that the topics included into the Congress agenda will encourage you to share your valuable knowledge on biogerontology with your colleagues all over Europe.

It is worth emphasising that the Congress will be conducted in the framework of the United Nations Research Agenda on Ageing for the 21st Century.

Saint Petersburg, the host of the 2nd European Congress on Biogerontology, is the former capital of Russia and a modern city of science and art. The city offers various cultural activities and convenient accommodation to provide a perfect reception and service for foreign and Russian guests and make their stay at the Congress rewarding and enjoyable.

Vladimir N. Anisimov, Dick L. Knook


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